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Wedding Planner Vs Wedding Coordinator

Bride showing off her wedding shoes and garter at Atlanta weddingYou just got engaged and now you are planning your wedding! Looking around you keep seeing wedding planners and wedding coordinators, but you probably thought they are one in the same. Maybe you are considering seeking help, but don’t know if you even need a wedding planner, a wedding coordinator, or maybe both. Wedding planning in general can be confusing, so don’t feel bad. We’ll be happy to clear it up for you.

Often, full service wedding planners will be with you through the whole planning process and often take on the role of a wedding coordinator as well. Wedding coordinators are just that. They coordinate things typically a few weeks leading up to the wedding day, help run the show on the wedding day, but do not do anything with the planning process itself.

Wedding Planner

Think of a wedding planner as your new best friend that is very educated in the wedding industry and has ninja skills in organization. The reasons why you might choose to have a wedding planner and when you hire one might vary, but often you hire a wedding planner early in the planning process. Once you hire a wedding planner, you give them a general idea of what your vision is, or maybe a detailed one. From there, they help educate and guide you through the planning process, handle the majority of all of the work, and allow you to be free to relax more and enjoy the process. We’ve talked in detail on why we feel you should hire a freaking awesome wedding planner on our blog.Bride sitting by window with veil getting ready for Arizona weddingWedding Coordinator

A wedding coordinator is the main person behind the curtain on the wedding day. Kind of like the guy behind the curtain from Wizard of Oz. They make sure everything goes smoothly on the wedding day, handle the wedding day details, and act much like your wedding day personal assistant. They are not the person you hire to help pick out wedding venues, florists, catering, or other details, but take your hard planning work and make sure it all comes together. Most often you meet with a wedding coordinator a few weeks or months before the big day go over your timeline, guest lists, venue and vendor details, and provide suggestions on things that will improve the day for you.

One thing to keep in mind is some venues might offer a wedding coordinator, but their experience and skill set might vary greatly from a traditional coordinator. Make sure to find out how much experience they have and what all they will actually be doing for you, then decide if you need or want additional help from a traditional wedding coordinator.Bride in golden sunlight with Spanish moss at destination Savannah weddingIf you decide not to hire a wedding planner, we strongly suggest hiring a great wedding coordinator. Wedding days are crazy with so many details and things happening in a blink of an eye. A great wedding coordinator will take care of all of that for you, so you can relax and really enjoy the day instead of trying to run the show and take care of problems. Also, don’t rely on your friends and family to do that for you. They are not wedding coordinators with years of wedding experience. Just because they are good at organization doesn’t mean they have the unique skill set weddings bring. Weddings are their own animal. Plus, it’s a lot of pressure and responsibility and you don’t want to put that on your friends and family. You want them to be able to be a part of the day and really celebrate with you.Groomsman pour liquor bottom into groom's mouth at destination Orlando weddingMy name is Matt Druin and I’m an Atlanta wedding photographer that specializes in unique, offbeat weddings for all awesome people! Not only do I shoot amazing Atlanta weddings, but I also travel frequently for destination weddings, and weddings all over, with no travel fees in the US for amazing wedding photography. I also shoot Atlanta engagement sessions for newly engaged couples. I’ve even been known to travel, and far, for engagement sessions too! Plus, we have our amazing photo booth, Booth Riot!

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