Free Travel For US Weddings

Bride and groom climbing Arizona desert cliff with sunset at destination Arizona wedding from Atlanta wedding photographers Matthew Druin + Co

Free Travel For US Weddings

Free travel for US weddings? Yeah! It’s true! We offer no travel fees anywhere in the continental US for couples who book one of our wedding photography experiences.

You might be wondering why we would choose to offer free travel for US weddings. I (Matt) grew up traveling all over the US since both of my parents were in the military. Then I spent much of my life after high school traveling and living in different states as a professional skateboarder. Since I’ve spent so much of my life traveling, it makes it super hard not to travel!

Plus, we believe meeting new people, experiencing life and other cultures, and traveling the world is vital to making us better, well-rounded people, and photographers. Our goal is to photograph at least one wedding in each state and continent. Well, Antarctica might be hard, but we are down for the challenge!

We also think hiring your wedding photographer should be super easy. You have so many other things to deal with. While there are plenty of other wedding photographers charging all kinds of extra fees for this and that, we want to make the whole process super simple and straight-forward. You should be able to easily understand exactly what you’re are paying for without jumping through hoops.

If you want to find out more, contact us now! And, if you are having an international wedding, we would love to make you a great deal as well!


Here are our top locations we would really love to photograph in no particular order!

  • Alaska: Alaska is currently on the top of my list! It’s the only state I have never been to and with my goal of shooting at least one wedding in every state, it seems to be the hardest. If you are getting married in Alaska or are willing to go, let’s make a crazy deal!
  • New York, New York: I have photographed a number of engagements and weddings here, but it’s my favorite city, so I would never pass up an opportunity to go!
  • Denver, CO:  I miss snowboarding and the amazing scenery.
  • Arizona: We have shot a wedding here, but it’s one of my favorite states and I love the Grand Canyon.
  • Los Angeles: I’ve been a few times for engagements and weddings, but Jessica has never been, and really wants to go.
  • Crescent City, CA: Really, anywhere near a great Redwood state park.
  • Ohio: We have shot a wedding here, but we have a lot of family in Dayton.
  • Kentucky: We have shot a wedding here, but we have a lot of family in Louisville.
  • Hawaii: We already photographed a wedding here, but of course we would love to go again…and again!
  • Europe: Particularly London, Paris, Rome, Moscow, Frankfurt, Madrid, well…anywhere.
  • Asia: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, ok, again, anywhere.
  • Mexico: I used to frequent Mexico as a kid living in Arizona, but haven’t been back for many years. Jessica has never been.
  • Australia: Sadly we have never been and itching to go.
  • New Zealand: Jessica really wants to move here.
  • Anywhere else in the world! We love to travel and explore the world, meet rad people, and live life to the fullest.


Feel free to check out our latest weddings on our blog. We would love to get to know you and your story, so contact us today by filling out the form below!