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Category Archives: FAMILY DAY IN THE LIFE

My 3 Year Old Photographer Son Interview With The Dad Time Podcast

My three-year-old son, Mason has always seemingly had an interest in photography. As a baby, he would always play with his toy camera and pretend to take photos with it as he got older. Maybe much of this is watching me take photos, pack my equipment for jobs, and things like that. At the beginning of the year,…

Atlanta Photographers VoyageATL Feature Matthew Druin + Co

Recently I had the honor to be interviewed by VoyageATL for their Atlanta photographers feature where we discussed how I got started in photography, how I started my business, what the journey has been like, what I specialize in, and much more. It’s always a pleasure to have my business and what I do for people…

Cossick Day In The Life Atlanta Family Documentary Experience

I arrived at the Cossick house around 6:45am on a Sunday morning before everyone was awake. Shortly later I started to hear the pitter patter of kids feet running though the upstairs halls. As I made my way upstairs, I found dad being attacked by three kids armed with stuffed animals and pillows and laughing away. The…