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Whoa!!! I’m Going To Need A Lot More Coffee! We Are Having Triplets!!!

New parents of triplet babies in Atlanta from Atlanta portrait photographers Matthew Druin + Co.

A little over a month ago Jessica and I found out she was pregnant! Obviously we were both really excited! As many people already know, we have been trying for awhile. Then two weeks ago, we found out we were having twins!! It was still really early, so we had to come back for another ultrasound to confirm everything. Last week we went back for the ultrasound and they confirmed the twins, but also confirmed a third! TRIPLETS!!! :o Yes! TRIPLETS!!!

For the past week we haven’t told anyone expect our families and a couple of friends. We didn’t really want to let everyone know anything until we got another ultrasound to actually see and hear the heartbeats. According to the doctors, a lot can happen in that short, fragile period of time, so we wanted to make sure we didn’t lose one or that anything else happened. So….we waited and waited yet another week before Jessica was far enough along that the hearts were actually pumping and making noise. During that time it was really hard for both of us not to tell everyone. I mean, really hard.

But now….. it’s officially confirmed, we are having TRIPLETS!

It’s been a long and rough few weeks with a lot of ups and downs. Some good news, some bad news, some amazing news, and some really unbelievable news. When we first found out about the twins, we were both really excited. When we found out about triplets….well….Jessica was in shock and the first thing I said to the sonographer was, “so….you’re telling me I should invest in Huggies stock?” We all had a nice laugh and kind of took a few minutes to take it all in. Everyone at the hospital suggested we play the lottery, because they said we were really lucky. I’m not sure if they were making a joke or being serious, but Jessica played, and we hoped for a pile of cash to help pay for them. As of now, I’m convinced the lotto ball drawing guy has no clue how to do it correctly.

Ultrasound photos of triplet babies in Atlanta, GA

Now that’s it’s been a few days to let everything settle in, we have started planning…sort of. Our first thought was, we need a new vehicle. As great as the Jetta is, she’s not cut out for triplets, well at least not safely. I mean I guess we could put one in the trunk, and I know nothing of parenting, but that just seems like a bad idea. We thought about an SUV, but looking at a view, I just don’t think that’s going to work either. So right now, it’s down to a school bus or a van. The van probably gets better gas mileage.

Other then that, I’ve managed to come up with a genius idea to invent a hat with three hooks for bottles, so I can hold all three and feed them at the same time. I’ve also come up with an idea to attach a bass drum pedal to three baby seats so I can edit photos while rocking them to sleep in the office. So far, this is the most serious planning I’ve got done.

I also will be starting another blog (one besides this one), just as a journal of our lives with triplets. It will really be more for our kids to look back on when they are older, but everyone will be welcome to follow along in the journey. :) I’m not really into posting 100s of photos of our kids on Facebook or anything everyday, so I thought the blog would be a great idea. Whomever wants to be a part can, if not, then your news feeds won’t be getting blown up. Your welcome. I haven’t official decided on a name for it yet, but I have a few I’m leaning towards. I’ll update everyone once it rolls out.

Lastly, we have a lot of amazing family and friends that have already offered us a ton of supplies, help, baby watching, and more! We honestly can not be happier and thankful enough for that. I’ve never had kids, but from what I’ve seen, three will probably be a circus, Mardi Gras, and a stampede of wild elephants all rolled up in to one. Cough…cough..we could actually use one more crib.

So there you have it. I really thought I would be worried, stressed out, or at least really overwhelmed, but honestly, I’m more excited about it then I have been about anything else in my life. It’s going to be a whole new chapter with the love of my life, three new awesome, but extremely challenging loves, a lot of hard work, a lot of play, and a giant pile of love! Good thing the love part is free. ;)


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