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Wedding Planning Tips: Should You Serve Vendor Meals Or Not

Atlanta Wedding Photographers Matthew Druin & Co.

You’ve been wedding planning for what seems like an eternity and you think you have every single detail checked off. You even spent hours and hours planning the perfect seating arrangement, but there’s one thing you might  have forgotten to include; US! Your awesome, hardworking, photographers. You probably think we are machines and by our work ethic, we can’t blame you, but the reality is that we actually do need food. Without food we are low on the fuel that keeps us going. The questions then become, should you feed us, where do we sit, what do we eat, and when do we eat it. No worries, we have some great tips to help you.Atlanta Wedding Photographer Matthew Druin

Should you feed us?

We don’t expect anything and are very gracious when we get food. We love food. It also helps us to stay energized. Wedding photography often comes with near zero breaks for 10+ hours in a day, so a couple of minutes to be able to eat is an amazing feeling, and we don’t take breaks lightly.Atlanta Destination Wedding Photographer Matthew Druin

Where do we sit?

As far as seating, personally we prefer not to sit with your guests. Although we truly appreciate the fact that you see us like your family and friends, it can create some awkward feelings for your guests and us. Trust me, it’s not because any of your guests are smelly. We want all of your guests to enjoy themselves in comfort.

Although we don’t want to sit at the same tables as your guests, we do prefer to be seated in the same area. We are always working, even we are eating. Our cameras are never put away in case that one amazing moment happens. We can then pop up from our seats, flip over the table, and capture it like ninjas. Seriously. That might have happened once of twice.

Lastly, we are doing other work like preparing our same day slideshows while we eat. It seems pretty lame of us to have our computers out on the table taking all the space away from your guests.Atlanta Wedding Photography Matthew Druin

What do we eat?

We think that’s up to you and there are often a variety of options you have that range in price. Here’s the most popular options.

Same Meal Guests Have

Our favorite! It’s an amazing feeling to eat a hot meal after non-stop work for 10+ hours. Of course, we do not expect anything, but we are elated when we get the same food as everyone else. It also often means we are in the same reception area as everyone else, so we can always watch for special moments. This option can generally be the most expensive to you.

Stepped Down Guest Meal

This option is typically a lighter version of whatever the guests are having, often the economical choice of what your guest would choose if you’re not doing a buffet. These meals are often served to us in a different room or area out of view from the reception. This option is slightly cheaper for you.

Boxed Lunch / Sandwich Tray

This type of meal is most popular with vendors who are not at the wedding all day such as the band or DJ. It generally consists of a turkey or PB&J sandwich (normally a little stale), bag of chips, an apple, and bottle of water. Sandwich trays are typically a sub of some sort.

Often these meals are served in the kitchen, backroom, or somewhere hidden from the guests which we hate because we always want to be able to watch the action for important moments. This option is the cheapest for you.Atlanta Wedding Photography Matthew Druin

When should we eat?

Personally, we suggest that we eat at the exact same time as you do. Generally the time when you are eating, often in private, away from the guests, is the calmest part of the day. Also, eating at the same time as you allows us to scarf down our food and be ready before anything happens.

I know vendor meals can be mysterious, so I hope all of this information helps in your planning.S'mores at wedding reception at Bone Island Grill wedding reception

My name is Matt Druin and I’m an Atlanta wedding photographer that specializes in unique, offbeat weddings for all awesome people! Not only do I shoot amazing Atlanta weddings, but I also travel frequently for destination weddings, and weddings all over, with no travel fees in the US for amazing wedding photography. I also shoot Atlanta engagement sessions for newly engaged couples. I’ve even been known to travel, and far, for engagement sessions too!

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