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Wedding Planning Tips To help Your Getting Ready Process

WEDDING PLANNING TIPS TO HELP YOUR GETTING READY PROCESSWedding Planning Tips To help Your Getting Ready Process


As much as people try to have the “perfect” wedding day, a lot of expectations are set too high. It’s not if, it’s when things will come up on your big day. From running late with hair and makeup to key members of your wedding party getting lost, anything can happen. The first thing you should always do is take a deep breath and relax. Just realize things will happen and move on. The more you stress and focus on the things that may not be going right, the more things will start to go wrong.

Be positive and optimistic. Always remember, no matter what happens, the most important thing about your wedding day is your family, friends and marrying the love of your life!Hairstylist spraying hair spray on brides hair with purple dress in foreground for Atlanta weddingMom putting diamond bracelet on bride while getting ready for Atlanta wedding


One thing that will help your getting ready process, aside from being optimistic and relaxing, is to pad extra time to your timeline which will help….a lot! At the minimum add 15 minutes to 30 minutes between the key transition parts of your day, i.e. getting ready, portraits, ceremony, and reception.

For example, hair and makeup often take longer than expected so padding your timeline with an extra 30 minutes after you are supposed to be finished could help to make sure you are ready for your first look or ceremony. Maybe you end up having trouble getting your dress on. This happens more often than you might think. When it comes to bridal and/or family portraits, many times you end up waiting for someone to show up.

The best part about being prepared with a padded timeline is if you don’t need the extra time, this will give you more time you can use to really take in the emotions of your day and relax with your family and friends.Bride and groom kissing with wedding party making faces on beach during Jekyll Island wedding


As expensive as wedding dresses are, most all will come with those cheap ugly plastic hangers. A plain wood hanger or custom hanger will go a long way and add that touch of extra elegance to any dress. You might be thinking, who cares, no one is going to see it anyways right? Photographing your wedding dress is an important detail of your wedding story and the hanger will make an appearance in the photo. :) Another suggestion would be to make sure the wood or custom hanger you choose has a notched area for the straps of your dress so it will be easier to hang.Bridesmaids yellow dress hanging from fireplace for Atlanta wedding

Save time and potential stress by removing all of the price and other tags from your jewelry, wedding dress, and other details the day before. This will also allow you to have everything together and to make sure you don’t forget anything.

On the day of your wedding, have all of the details together in one place. Don’t forget about your shoes, bouquets, both your and your partner’s wedding rings, and other important details. This will not only help you stay organized while getting ready but will also help your photographer(s) to be able to do their job more efficiently. Instead of wasting time searching around for the details that need to be photographed and then having to remove the tags, they can get straight to work making more time to capture other moments. These tips can help you, your wedding party, and your partner, so make sure they all know the same things. :DBride's silver wedding shoes in window of hotel with artwork for Atlanta weddingMacro shot of bride and groom's rings on brown table during Atlanta wedding


Try your wedding dress on at least once before the big day. This does not mean the fittings and alteration times. Maybe the day before or a week before, try getting into your dress to make sure everything will go smoothly. Also, practice zipping or lacing it up with your bridesmaid’s or maid of honor. Seriously. You’d be surprised how many times brides have gotten into their dress only to realize that the zipper sticks, it’s broken, or that lacing up their dress is more complicated than they realized. Bridesmaids watching youtube on iphone while trying to lace up brides wedding dress at Chattooga Belle FarmBridesmaid tying brides dress before Puerto Rico wedding

Speaking of wedding dresses, let yours breathe. The night before let your dress get out of the bag to stretch its legs. Letting your dress breath helps to keep its shape and avoid being wrinkled (or at least as wrinkled) making it less necessary to steam on the big day. Also, do the same thing when you arrive at your getting ready location. That way it is ready for the big photo shoot! Obviously, when doing this, think carefully about where you are putting your dress during these periods. Having it hanging, exposed to high traffic or other areas where things could happen, might cause accidents. Avoid this by thinking smart about where you are keeping your dress.Bride's vintage short wedding dress hanging in cabin at Neverland Farms

By doing just a few simple things before and on your big day you can save yourself and others a ton of potential stress! But since you are savvy and prepared, you have nothing to worry about. :D

Remember, there is nothing more important than your family, friends, you, and your partner. Celebrate your love, life, and memories.

If you like these tips you can find other wedding planning tips on my blog at Tips For Clients. If you have a topic you would like to see covered, please let me know! :D

Bride and groom leaving Atlanta wedding with guest throwing flower petals

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