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Wedding Dress Shopping: 3 Mistakes Most Brides Make

Bride and groom in garden at The Cellar at Betty Creek from Atlanta Wedding Photographers Matthew Druin + Co Photography.

From time to time I like to get experts in their wedding field to write helpful articles for newly engaged couples that are wedding planning. Being a guy, obviously I am no expert on wedding dress shopping, so I got my good friend Marcie Muehlke, owner of Celia Grace, America’s only line of ethically-made, “give-back” Fair Trade wedding dresses to help. Here are her thoughts on 3 mistakes most brides make when wedding dress shopping.

You are engaged, hooray!

There are so many fun and wonderful things to do but many of them are pretty different from what you are used to–like wedding dress shopping.

Here are three ways wedding dress shopping is different from other clothing shopping,  and three common mistakes you don’t want to make.Bride and groom portrait in garden at Venue 92 from Woodstock wedding photographers Matthew Druin & Co.

Shopping for Your Dress Too Late

Every other piece of clothing you have bought until now has probably been “off the rack.”  That means you walk into a store empty-handed and walk out with the clothing you wanted,  in your size, an hour later.

To buy a wedding dress you’ll try on a sample dress at the store and then order the dress you will actually wear. It takes at least 4-6 months to make and send most wedding dresses, and some brands take 9 months or even a year!

So if you want the most options (and to avoid rush fees) plan ahead and shop as soon as possible. Dress shopping right after you have chosen your venue is ideal.Atlanta Wedding Photographers Matthew Druin

Forgetting to Make an Appointment

Some bridal shops will let you walk in and try on dresses but many do not.  Smaller or nicer boutiques where you’ll get better service  usually require appointments.

Weekends and evenings tend to be busiest so make sure you book your appointment ahead of time (call or check the web site for online appointment scheduling).Atlanta Wedding Photographers 47

Wearing The Wrong (under) Things to your Appointment

Wedding dresses are big, white, and expensive so most bridal shops will help you put dresses on and take them off. This keep the dresses clean, prevents you from drowning in tulle, and allows the salesperson to clip you into the dress so you can see how it will look in your size (that’s right, most shops only have each dress style in just one size!).

Since you will be sharing your changing room and getting down to your skivvies with a (wonderful and kind) stranger, choose your underwear wisely.  Skip your favorite day-of-the-week underwear you got in 1998  and wear nice nude underwear and a strapless bra. You’ll feel more comfortable and you’ll see the dresses better.

Have questions about wedding dress shopping? I’d be happy to help!

Be sure to check out Marcie’s and Celia Grace‘s amazing wedding dress online.Celia Grace, America's only line of ethically-made, "give-back" Fair Trade wedding dresses

Marcie Muehlke is the owner of Celia Grace, America’s only line of ethically-made, “give-back” Fair Trade wedding dresses. Get more fun, practical, and sane advice on wedding planning, and see their exquisite gowns at: | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram

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