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Twin Peaks Restaurant In Buckhead Georgia For Jezebel Magazine

Waitresses at Twin Peaks Restaurant Atlanta talking and laughing In August I shot Twin Peaks restaurant in Buckhead, GA for Jezebel Magazine. Twin Peaks is a new concept restaurant created by the same people that started Hooters. Twin Peaks is similar to Hooters in the sense that it’s guy-centric but different in the way that they approach it.

I’m sure many have been to Hooters at least once, but Twin Peaks is, well higher end version if you will. The Buckhead location has 12,700 square feet of space featuring over 100 TVs up to 80 inches. Yeah! 100 TVs! I guess they wanted to ensure ever person had their own. They also have their own patented beer delivery system that serves 32 beers on tap at 29 degrees. They even have two custom made beers designed by the Red Brick Brewing Company.

Girls wearing little clothing waiting on guys sitting at table Twin Peaks Restaurant

I had the opportunity to try the food as well as the beer and both were amazing. Large amounts of man sized plates and frozen mugs offered some very exceptional food and drink for an inexpensive price. This place may not be for everyone, but Twin Peaks doesn’t try to be. If you’re in the market for a great sports watching location, this would be a fine choice.