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8 Wedding Planning Tips For Designing Your Outdoor Wedding

Destination South Carolina wedding ceremony at farm from Atlanta wedding photographers Matthew Druin & Co.


Any time of the year can be awesome for an outdoor wedding if you plan ahead. Regardless of where you are getting married in the world, consider the weather. If you are having a spring wedding, rain might be more likely to happen. Or if you’re having a destination wedding where hurricanes or other natural crazy weather might happen more often during certain parts of the year, you might want to opt for a different time.

Destination North Carolina wedding in the blur ridge mountains vineyard from Atlanta wedding photographers Matthew Druin & Co.


The location of your outdoor wedding, or ceremony site, is a pretty important aspect. For example, if you’re having a summer wedding in the south like Georgia, shade would be a great thing to consider. You might consider using umbrellas, hand fans, and having cold water available. Nothing is worse than you and all your guest melting in the sun. Plus if your wedding is midday, the lighting is not as soft and pretty for photographs.

Bride and groom wedding portraits in the Red Desert in Las Vegas wedding from Atlanta wedding photographers Matthew Druin & Co.


Having a bad weather plan is vital. Don’t assume the weather will just be perfect. Be sure to talk to your venue about various options or have a backup plan in place. Also, be sure to keep your vendors and guests updated with any changes. The most important thing to remember is that things like weather happens. Instead of getting upset and letting it ruin your day, embrace things like rain for some ultra unique ceremony photos and portraits!

Outdoor wedding reception at The Farm in North Georgia from Atlanta Wedding Photographers Matthew Druin + Co.


Be sure to verify that any and all rental items you have are able to be setup outside, even if it rains. Weather can be unpredictable and you might set up a beautiful outdoor ceremony, only to have it rain, and dry up before go time. If you are having your wedding in a location that might have an extreme weather issue like hurricanes, wedding insurance would be an even more important thing to consider.

Bride and groom portraits on peach farm at Atlanta wedding form Atlanta wedding photographers Matthew Druin + Co


When planning out hair and makeup, be sure it’s fitting of your outdoor wedding. My hair for instance sucks with lots of humidity. Since I’m not being photographed, it’s not a huge deal, I just look ridiculous to everyone. For you, be sure to pick styles that will last the day and hold up to the elements.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer Matthew Druin


Choosing the perfect wedding dress and/or wedding attire is extremely important. Some wedding dresses, although amazing, weigh a ton and become very hot, very fast. You could opt for a lighter, shorter dress or a more relaxed wedding attire to ensure you stay comfortable and cool the whole day. There’s nothing worse than being miserable from heat and sweat. The opposite could be true if you are having a romantic winter wedding.

Brides and groom at vineyard garden ceremony at The Cellar at Betty Creek from Atlanta Wedding Photographers Matthew Druin + Co Photography.


If you’re a bride considering some type of stilettos, you might think twice. If a large part of your day such as your ceremony and portraits will be in grass or similar soft area, you might spend a lot of time sinking into the ground. Flats or wedges might be a better choice and make it more comfortable for you.

Atlanta wedding at Old Fourth Ward Park from Atlanta wedding photographers Matthew Druin & Co


Always check to make sure your outdoor location(s) are bug and pest free. I was once photographing portraits in the middle of a peach orchard and was so focused that I didn’t realize that I was standing in, kneeling in, and even laying in, a large fire ant hill. Needless to say my legs hurt for days. Moral of the story, there would be nothing worse than standing at the alter being eaten alive by ants.

DIY wedding at Georiga farm with father walking bride though rustic doors from Atlanta wedding photographers Matthew Druin + Co.

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