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Tabitha and Chris’s vintage inspired engagement session was tons of fun, but took A LOT of planning, prepping, and rescheduling. For our first attempt at the session we decided to get the giant 4 foot balloons we planned to use, filled at Kroger only to quickly realize they wouldn’t fit in the car. We drove 20mph to the location 30 minutes away holding the balloons out the window. Needless to say, we encountered quite a bit of honking from the cars stuck behind us and it took much longer then 30 minutes to get there. The balloon I was holding ended up blowing up in my face due to either heat or static electricity. Either way, I was hit with giant balloon shrapnel which didn’t feel too good!

We finally arrived at the foot of the location and proceeded with the 1 mile hike to the final destination with what seemed like 100lbs of stuff. Once we arrived we discovered the location was now an overgrown jungle. Apparently things grow extremely fast here in Georgia. After making the journey, one of the balloons blowing up, and the location of choice no longer available, the light was almost gone. We were all exhausted and sweating to death, so we decided to reschedule.

Our next attempt at the session ended before it even began when the weather rained on our parade. We had to reschedule yet again.

Our third and final attempt was a success!! The third time really is a charm I guess. We ended up driving 2 hours North to Neverland Farms in Cleveland, GA where their wedding will be held in August. It was perfect! This time we decided to actually bring a helium tank which worked out much better. I was a little freaked out by the balloons being blown up after the first balloon incident. Once we had the perfect location and everything in place, the session couldn’t have been more awesome!

Engaged couple standing on fishing dock

Engaged couple kissing while fishing

Engaged couple hiding behind their favorite records

Engaged couple starring at each other laying on blanket


Engaged couple laying on blanket looking at each other

Engaged couple starring at the sky

Engaged couple listen to record player looking at records

Engaged couple looking at records together

Engaged vintage couple holding hands by record player

Engaged Indie couple holding hands by record player

Engaged Indie couple looking at records on blanket

Indie engaged couple looking at each other

Vintage indie engaged couple kissing on blanket with records

Vintage Indie boy sees girl

Indie vintage girl blowing flowers in field

Indie boy fixes tie before meeting girl

Indie boy holding balloons looks at vintage girl

Engaged Indie couple help each other over farm fence with horse

Engaged Vintage Indie couple walking through field

Horse in field with engaged vintage couple

Indie girl walking through farm field with giant balloon

Engaged vintage indie couple walking in field with giant balloons

Engaged vintage indie couple telling secrets in farm field with giant balloons

Engaged Indie Vintage couple looking at giant balloons in farm field

Vinraged Indie girl floating away holding giant balloons with boy holding her

Engaged Indie vintage couple releasing giant balloons into air on farm

Engaged indie couple petting horse in field

Engaged vintage indie couple embracing each other in farm field


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