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Summer Portraits Of Mike Doeener For American Motorcyclist Magazine

Cover and spread in for American Motorcyclist Magazine of guy with blue motorcycle
Back in March, I had the pleasure of shooting Mike Doerner for an editorial assignment from American Motorcyclist Magazine on motorcycle safety and preparing for the spring riding season. I met up with Mike early in the morning at his home here in Atlanta, Georgia. He also happens to work out of his house as the owner and professional carpenter of The Colonial Cabinet Shop which has been featured on the DIY Network and HGTV. As you might expect, he had some amazing woodwork going on in there.
Guy putting air in tires of blue motorcycle in garage for American Motorcyclist Magazine
Aside from carpentry, his favorite hobby is riding motorcycles, specifically his Suzuki GSX-R 1000, hence the reason for the American Motorcyclist feature. Mike and I talked a great deal about everything from carpentry, to war, to motorcycles before getting started. He even showed me around his extensive war memorabilia collection.

American Motorcyclist loved the idea of using Mike’s carpentry shop, so that’s what we did. With all the woodworking equipment it definitely limited space, posing a number of unique challenges from having enough room for Mike and his bike to maneuver to lighting setups. We played around with a number of different options, looks, and setups. In the end, we ended up with a ton of awesome photos.
Guy fixing blue motorcycle break handle in garage for American Motorcyclist Magazine
Once we got the initial photos American Motorcyclist wanted I decided it’d be cool to give them a little something extra. Mike and I got his bike out on the country roads around his house to shoot some action shots. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out so well. First, we were stopped by the police trying to figure out what we were doing. I guess it does look a little suspicious with giant light set ups, a dude with a camera standing on the side of hardly used country roads, and a motorcycle flying back and forth. After the police gave us the ok, traffic started to pick up, so we decided to move to a different location. In that process, Mike’s bike randomly died on us and we couldn’t figure out what the deal was. After pushing it a half mile up a hill, we got it pushed off to the side of the road in a safe place. Then the rain started! It was like one thing after another, but luckily we already had the shots we needed, so at this point, it was just humorous.

I chatted in the rain with Mike for awhile waiting on his motorcycle club assistance who helped him get his bike back to his shop. A few days later he emailed me to let me know what the problem was, a single loose wire on the alternator!
Portrait of guy putting on blue motorcycle suit in garage for American Motorcyclist Magazine

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