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Keeping Your Wedding Photos Safe After Your Big Day!

Keeping Your Wedding Photos Safe After Your Big Day

Now that your wedding is over and you’ve received your beautiful photos, what are you planning on doing? If you are like many brides and grooms, you’ll probably upload some (or maybe all) of the photos to Facebook (see below about social media), and….that will be the end of it. Regardless of whether your photographer delivered your photos electronically, on CD / DVD, thumb drive, or some other method, here are some import tips and things to keep in mind for safe keeping of you wedding photos.

Of course, these tips apply to your engagement photos, portrait, or any other photos. :DBride with white and black wedding dress sitting in spotlight in darkened room at Atlanta W Hotel

Back Up Your Wedding Photos!

Nowadays, you are probably going to have digital files as opposed to film. You should take some time and make sure these extremely important memories are backed up for safe keeping. The first thing you should consider is to make copies. For example, burn additional DVDs and/or put them on external hard drives. Keep these in a different part of your home and even give a copy to your parents, grandparents, or friend. As big as cloud computing is getting these days, you might also consider this option in addition to the others mentioned. This might all sound like overkill, but what if you have a fire, a tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster. Recently a client had his car broken into and everything was stolen, including all of his engagement photos! Luckily I was able to replace them for him or his fiancee probably would have been pretty upset. If your precious wedding photos are kept in alternate locations and the cloud, you can rest assure that they can be easily replaced. :)4x6 photo prints in custom designed keepsake box

Print Your Wedding Photos!

Awesome! Now that you have all of your wedding photos posted on Facebook (again see below about social media) for all of your friends to see, go make some prints.

Think back to your younger days. Remember such social media sites like MySpace? If you’ve never heard it, it’s because it no longer really exist, but it was the Facebook before Facebook. All the photos uploaded to that site is probably gone by now.

If you are getting high-quality prints from your photographer, you are already set. If not, go make prints yourself today! You’re busy, I’m busy, life is busy, work is busy, babies are busy, we are all busy! So…go make it a priority now while you are thinking about it.

Hopefully you choose to go through your photographer to get the best professional quality prints you can get or at least choose the best consumer print lab you can. Not all print labs are created equally. When the zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll be extremely happy you have prints to hold on to.Atlanta wedding album 12x12 40 page

Make Heirlooms

I’m assuming by now you are just getting back from making your prints or your photographer just delivered them. No? Go back to the tip above. I’ll wait.

Ok! You’re back. One thing many brides and grooms miss is getting beautiful heirlooms created. These heirlooms are an amazing way to share your love and story with your closest friends and family, as well as be able to relive your wedding everyday. Like our Signature Series and luxury Elite Series albums, to wall art, your photographer should have some amazing things he/she can create for you. Your wedding day is the start of a new family and one of the best benefits of heirlooms are to be able to have something incredible to pass down for generations. As digital as our lives our, nothing can ever replace tangible items you can enjoy with ease, in power outages, and with no worries about if your current technology is compatible. :D

We have no clue where technology will be in 5, 10, 20, or 50 years. Remember cassette tapes, CDs, Zip drives, or even DVDs? Most computers don’t even come with any type of DVD drive anymore. In twenty-five years do you want to sit with your kids or grandkids and show them a DVD or thumb drive full of amazing wedding photos that you have no way of accessing? Did your parents pass down a Zip drive from their wedding or did they pass down their wedding album and prints?

Be Social, but Aware

Most everyone these days are on Facebook and/or other social media and love sharing photos with friends and family, but you should be slightly cautious. Anyone can take or download anything you put online and use them in anyway you they choose without you knowing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of creepy people in the world and it would be terrible to have your photos used in a bad way. Also, with many social media sites, you agree to their terms and conditions to allowing them to use any or all of your posted photos for their own marketing and advertising. Facebook in particular is known for this.Bride singing on microphone with band at her wedding

Know What You Are Actually Able To Do

If you hired a professional photographer, you more than likely signed a contract. You probably haven’t bothered looking at it recently, but make sure what you choose to do with your photos does not violate your agreed upon terms. Many photographers, including us, give you personal use rights, but we maintain the copyrights to the photos. If other wedding vendors, blogs, magazines, or other people want your wedding photos for their use, you should check your contract and contact your photographer. We like to know who is using the photos, how, and why. This helps us maintain the high-quality and ensures they are not being used in a negative fashion. Other things to keep in mind is that many photographers do not allow others to alter, crop, or change the photos in any way. As photographers, we have spent hours and hours creating our art to be presented in a particular way. :)

If you like these tips you can find other wedding planning tips on my blog at Tips For Clients. If you have a topic you would like to see covered, please let me know! :D

Bridesmaid putting pearl necklace on bride with light filling room

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