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Jessica & Parke | A Spring Atlanta Gibbs Gardens Engagement

Engaged couple standing in yellow Lily flowers at Gibbs Gardens with blue sky

Lately, I’ve been meeting a growing number of people meeting online in some fashion. Whether it’s Facebook or through online dating sites, it’s definitely a sign of the times. Jessica and Parke just so happened to fall into that category as they met through eHarmony. From their story, Parke used very LARGE words such as floccinaucinihilipilification (Yeah! I was thinking the same thing, but this is a legit word! Check it out) to impress Jessica, which apparently worked very well. Take notes, if you’re single. :)
Engaged couple laughing while sitting in yellow Lily flowers at Gibbs Gardens in Atlanta, GA

After some emailing back and forth they finally agreed to meet for lunch. In November 2012, Parke took Jessica to a romantic garden in Atlanta and asked her to marry him; and that brings us to their engagement session. Going with their love for the outdoors and horticulture, we found ourselves knee-deep in the middle of thousands of Lilies at Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground, GA. We walked the 220 acres….well not really, but we walked a lot, checking out all of the cool things the gardens had to offer. Jessica and Parke laughed more than I’ve seen anyone laugh and they explained a lot to me about the different flowers, trees, and other things as we passed. Needless to say, I was quite impressed with their knowledge and we had an amazing time! Here are a few of my favorite photos from their engagement session at Gibbs Gardens.
Engaged couple walking in Lily flowers at Gibbs Gardens in Atlanta, GAEngaged couple laying and laughing in yellow Lily flowers and green grass at Gibbs Gardens in Atlanta, GAEngaged couple laying in Lily flowers at Gibbs Gardens engagementEngaged couple kissing at Gibbs Gardens by lake

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