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Why You Should Hire A Wedding Day Coordinator

Bride and groom in the desert sunrise at destination Arizona weddingIf you’ve gone through the wedding planning process without a wedding planner, you might feel you don’t need a wedding day coordinator either. From experience, and our past couples thoughts, we would strongly advise hiring one. Wedding days are super fast paced and things can go wrong. It’s nice to have someone in your corner handling all of the details, making sure everyone is doing their job, and we are on-time for everything.

There is some confusion for many couples on what a wedding day coordinator is vs a wedding planner. We talk about the differences in detail on our blog Wedding Planner vs Wedding Coordinator to help you out.

Wedding day coordinators do just what the name suggest, coordinates things on the wedding day. Don’t be fooled though. Most wedding coordinators start helping months out from the actual wedding day doing things like the timeline, handling communication with your vendors, your guest list, and tons of other things. They generally do a venue walk-though and your rehearsal as well. Wedding coordinators are not the ones helping you with all the wedding planning itself, but many wedding planners also do day of wedding coordination too.

Here are some great reasons to hire a wedding day coordinator!Bride spraying perfume at Atlanta weddingYou Can Make Sure All Of Your Hard Work Pays Off

If you are like most couples, you’ve spent countless hours planning every detail of your wedding day. A wedding day coordinator can help make sure all of that hard work pays off, you get the most out of your time and money that you have invested, and you have an experienced problem solver.

They Handle All Of The Details 

There are so many logistical details that go into a wedding. You have multiple vendors with different jobs, most likely different locations, timelines, last minute decisions, issues that might come up, communication that needs to go out to various people, and all kinds of other things. The last thing you need to be doing is trying to manage everything. A wedding day coordinator has the expertise to do everything for you without having to run to you for every last thing. Think of them as a personal assistant. They handle all of the little and big things, so you can focus on being a part of your wedding.Bride and groom silhouette against Atlanta skyline at Piedmont Park Atlanta weddingRelax + Be A Part Of Your Day

Awesome wedding coordinators handle everything for you so you can focus on the most important things like actually being a part of your day, relaxing, enjoying the moments and people that are celebrating with you, and getting married! Weddings are filled with some level of stress, excitement, anticipation, and much more. The last thing you want to be doing is dealing with all of the details and issues that may arise.

Don’t Hire Your Family Or Friends

One thing we would suggest not doing is asking a family member or friend to be your wedding day coordinator. Although they might be well organized people, more than likely, they do not have the experience to handle unique challenges weddings bring. You also don’t want to put that level of responsibility on someone close to you. If something goes wrong, the last thing you want to do is ruin a relationship. Lastly, it’s hard, if not impossible for them to enjoy your wedding with you because they’ll be too busy running around trying to take care of everything for you.

Basics of Wedding Coordination

Pre-planning the timeline and vendor communication

Conducting the wedding rehersal

Coordinating all the wedding activities such as assisting you and your wedding party, guiding everyone into place for the ceremony and other key areas, checking and re-checking all the details like head counts for dinner, placement of your wedding favors, floor plans, lighting levels, ect.

Collection of gifts, personal items, and everything else for you at the end of the night.

Basically, great wedding coordinators work their a$$ off all day taking care of you and your needs, so you can simply relax and enjoy your day.Bride surrounded by bridesmaids after ceremony at destination New York weddingMy name is Matt Druin and I’m an Atlanta wedding photographer that specializes in unique, offbeat weddings for all awesome people! Not only do I shoot amazing Atlanta weddings, but I also travel frequently for destination weddings, and weddings all over, with no travel fees in the US for amazing wedding photography. I also shoot Atlanta engagement sessions for newly engaged couples. I’ve even been known to travel, and far, for engagement sessions too! Plus, we have our amazing photo booth, Booth Riot!

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