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Where You Get Ready For Your Wedding Really Matters!

Makeup artist putting makeup on bride sitting in front of window with yellow artwork in the background for Atlanta weddingWHERE YOU GET READY FOR YOUR WEDDING REALLY MATTERS!

Wedding planning is a BIG job. It can be stressful, time-consuming, and also a lot of fun! That’s why I’ve made other helpful tips for your wedding planning process like Choosing The “Right” Photographer For You and Considering The “First Look” For You Wedding. And, if you have a great idea for something you’d like to see covered, let me know in the comments or send an email to [email protected].

One thing you should consider when planning your wedding is where you will be getting ready for your big day. Some brides decide to get ready at the same venue for their weddings, others might choose an alternate location. Regardless of where you plan to get ready, here are some things you may not think about when choosing your location.Bridesmaids helping bride put on her blue wedding dress in front of light-filled large window for Atlanta weddingBride putting on wedding dress with bridesmaid in purple dress chasing dog for Atlanta wedding

1. Light, Light, Light 

Maybe you are considering your house, parent’s house, a hotel, or even the venue. These are all great places and will all play a part in the look and feel of your day, so make sure you love the ambiance of the location and that it fits well with your day as a whole.

As photographers, we spend a large part of the day photographing the story at this location, so make it the biggest and natural light filled area you can. Obviously, we can photograph anywhere from basements to rooftops with any kind of light, but having large natural light sources creates a very soft quality of light, as well as, a romantic look and feel.Brides white wedding dress hanging from 12th floor hotel balcony with tons of yellow rope lights hanging from ceiling for Atlanta wedding Brides white flower bouquet in front of white window for Atlanta weddingWedding part and bride wearing pink robes drinking champaign with out of focus believe sign in foreground

2. Too many people, too much clutter

Typically a lot of people will be in/out of this space and there’s nothing worse than you, your wedding party, family, maybe children, photographer(s), videographer(s), and others all cramming into a tiny space. Be sure to get a space large enough for everyone to be able to get ready, but also to relax, tell stories, and laugh.

With many people in / out, hair dryers, curling irons, and other things going on, it will get HOT….quick, especially in small areas. Right when you arrive, start the air conditioning! Set it about 10 degrees cooler than you normally would. It might start out chilly, but you will be grateful when your hair and makeup are going and you’re not sweating getting into your wedding dress.

Make sure you keep the space as clutter-free and clean as possible. This will really help you and everyone else stay organized and stress-free. Also when we are photographing the getting ready process, it will provide a nice, clean background without trash, clothes, and tons of other things laying around.Bride with hair crullers laying in yellow chair in front of large glass window while getting ready for Atlanta wedding Portrait of groom holding jacket standing in front of window with teal blue wallBrides white wedding dress blowing in wind hanging from palm tree on beach for Puerto Rico wedding with ocean in background

3. It’s all in the details

Details like the dress, shoes, jewelry, special gifts, flowers, etc are all critical components of your story and we photograph everything! With that, we use your getting ready location to do that. From hanging the dress to photographing the jewelry, we look for the most complementing areas of the location you choose to photograph those elements. Choosing great locations to get ready at will help provide a lot more amazing options for those small but very important story elements of your day.

Make sure your getting ready location fits the feel of the rest of your day. For example, maybe you are having a rustic wedding in a barn, getting ready at a high-end hotel would have a modern feel offsetting the rustic appeal of the rest of your wedding day.Brides purple wedding shoes sitting on green bar chair for Atlanta weddingGroom putting on jacket in cabin for Atlanta wedding at Big Canoe Bride dancing in her white and black flower wedding dress while getting ready for Atlanta wedding

5. Create stress-free travel 

If you are not getting ready at the same venue as your ceremony, be sure to find a space that is relatively close to your ceremony site, ideally, 15 minutes or less. There’s no better way to create stress than running a little late or a lot late, then getting stuck in traffic, lost, or break down on the way to your ceremony. Once a bride was running late due to a bomb scare in the downtown area of her ceremony! The area was blocked off and traffic was a nightmare. True story. Obviously, that’s a little extreme and something you can’t always plan for, but if you choose a getting ready location close by, it will be way easier to get to and help to create a stress-free day. Plus, you won’t have to worry about people getting lost!

Bride in bathroom with yellow glowing light looking at her wedding dress hanging from door for Atlanta weddingGroomsmen licking each others hair get ready for your weddingIf you like these tips you can find other wedding planning tips on my blog at Tips For Clients. If you have a topic you would like to see covered, please let me know! :D

My name is Matt Druin and I’m an Atlanta wedding photographer that specializes in unique, offbeat weddings for all awesome people! Not only do I shoot amazing Atlanta weddings, but I also travel frequently for destination weddings, and weddings all over, with no travel fees in the US for amazing wedding photography. I also shoot Atlanta engagement sessions for newly engaged couples. I’ve even been known to travel, and far, for engagement sessions too!

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