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Flux Night 2012 Experimental Art In The Streets Of Atlanta

Flux Night art show in Atlanta from Atlanta portrait photographers Matthew Druin + Co.

Jessica and I have attended Flux every year for the past few years and this year our friend Holly came along for her first time. If you are not familiar with Flux Night, it’s an annual one-night art event that’s held in Castleberry Hill featuring parades, projections, dancing and performances, multimedia, paintings, drawing, photography, and a lot more. Best of all, it’s FREE!

We have a great time every year and really love seeing all of the art, interesting people, and eating the food. Sadly this year’s Flux was nothing compared to the past few years with only 14 commissioned pieces. That’s compared to previous years that had 27 and even 34 projects. Although there were a lot more people than I’ve seen in past years attending, there was much less art. Honestly, I’m not sure why there were so few artists featured. Maybe they had budget cuts or something, but we actually spent more time roaming the streets looking for the pieces than anything else.

Kiss A Hipster sign on the streets of Flux Night 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia

There were a few interesting pieces like the piano strings that were strung across buildings. The sound was amplified and you could hear it from a pretty good distance. Oddly, a number of the more interactive pieces were broke. I guess with so many people playing with them, it’s going to happen. Nonetheless, it was disappointing. Also, there was definitely a lot more street vendors selling beer, hot dogs, coffee, and everything else you might want. Actually, maybe too many.

After checking everything out for about an hour and waiting another 40 minutes for a hot dog, we left early. Atlanta has an awesome art scene, so I’m really hoping next year’s Flux will feature a lot more artists and…..actual art. Don’t be discouraged by our experience this year. In past years it’s been amazing, so go check it out for yourself!

Random people putting on a dance performance in apartment windows at Flux Night 2012 in Atlanta

Women watching a performance by random people in apartment windows at Flux Night 2012 in Atlanta