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You’re Engaged! Wedding Planning Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Date

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So you recently got engaged! Congratulations! Now the planning begins. Maybe you’ve had your wedding date picked out for years or at least the time of the year. Choosing your wedding date may seem pretty straight forward and easy, but here are a few things you might consider before setting it in stone.


For many people, this is the first thing they think of. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a Spring or Fall wedding, so you have that part figured out. For some, choosing the time of the year is more logistical since you know more of your family and friends would be able to attend your wedding if you had a Summer wedding. Narrowing your date down to a time of year will help cut out a lot of possible dates making it much more manageable to figure out.


Weather fits right there in with the time of year and can be a major factor in determining your date. For instance, maybe you really want your wedding to be outside. Being in Georgia, it can get really hot and muggy in the Summer and cold in the Winter, so a Spring or Fall wedding would make more since. Of course, if your dream is to have an outdoor wedding in the snow, Winter might be the logical choice. Then you just have to hope it actually snows. :) Also, January through March is generally considered the rainy season for Georgia, so you might want to keep that in mind. If you’re in a different part of the US or world, be sure to check for your rainy season.

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Your date might also be affected by things such as the venue you want or other vendors such as your photographer. If you have your heart set on a particular venue or vendor, it would be a great idea to contact them first to find out their availability before really deciding on a date. It’s best to establish a time of year and date range before contacting them though. This will help narrow your focus and find approximate dates that would work best for you and the venue or vendor. Keep in mind, venues, photographers, and wedding planners are typically the first people booked and they book up fast during prime engagement times which could limit your availability. If you have certain venues or vendors like a photographer you know you want to be a part of your wedding, contact them as soon as possible. Their availability might help narrow your dates down making less work for you.


Another thing you might consider are holidays, work schedules, and other types of events that might influence your wedding date choices. If possible, it’s a great idea to avoid times when people are participating in things such as football season, major holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, etc. This could weigh in on the number of guests that might not be able to attend due to prior engagements or maybe not having additional vacation time available to take off work.

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One thing that might have a big influence on choosing your wedding date is the style and type of wedding you would like to have. What type of wedding do you want? Something casual and modern, classic and formal, relaxed, but chic? Say you’ve always wanted a casual, romantic wedding in a vineyard, part or all of your wedding would more than likely be held outside, so things such as weather and time of year would have a major impact. Or, with a more modern, elegant style, you might be looking at an art museum or another unique venue that will all be indoors, so weather would not be as big of a concern.


The average wedding in the U.S. costs about $29,000 and the average length of time couples are engaged is 15 months. Budget and the length of your engagement could also play a big part in choosing your wedding date. If you get engaged and decide you want to get married in 4 months, well that really sets the time of year for you and potentially could set your budget, venue, and other vendors based on cost and availability. You might decide you want to stay on a tighter budget, choosing an off-season time of year or day of the week for your wedding might lead to discounts at certain venues or with certain vendors. Not all venues and vendors offer discounts during off-season times or days of the week, but many do. Having your wedding during peak times could also cost more for certain things. For example, a client of mine set her wedding date in May. Once she booked the venue, she started planning other things such as transportation. She quickly found out that limo companies were charging double and even triple the amount they normally do because it was also prom season.

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