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Portraits On Downtown Rooftops Of Atlanta Musician Jordan Green

MusicAtlanta musician Jordan Green standing on rooftop with leather jacket between buildings with blue sky at sunset

A few weeks ago I met up with Atlanta musician Jordan Green to shoot some promo photos for him. We made plans to meet at his friend’s apartment downtown a little before sunset. We both got stuck in a ton of Atlanta traffic and were running late. Luckily, we still made it in time for some great light. The rooftop idea was not planned, but once I arrived, I thought it might make a really cool spot. We used a broom and a tiny vacuum to open a small hatch to access the apartment rooftop.

Atlanta musician Jordan Green climbing through the rooftop in downtown Atlanta for a photo shoot

Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have a ladder. I asked one of the neighbors as he walked out of his apartment under the hole in the ceiling, but he had nothing of use. We ended up using a sketchy kitchen table chair that was bending more and more every time we stood on it and pulled ourselves up through the tiny 3′ x 3′ opening. Even though it was a tough move, the rooftop view made it worth the hassle. Later, we shot some studio stuff as well so Jordan had a nice selection of photos to use. We just used his friend’s apartment for that as well but rearranged his entire living room so we would have plenty of room to set up and shoot.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from my shoot with Atlanta musician Jordan Green.

Atlanta musician Jordan Green on rooftop in downtown with skyscrapers and blue skysAtlanta musician Jordan Green on rooftop in downtown with sunburst sunset over building with blue skyAtlanta musician Jordan Green portrait in studio on grey seamless