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Is Pinterest Hurting Your Wedding Planning?

Atlanta Wedding Photographers Matthew Druin + Co.

To be clear, this post is not about all aspects of using Pinterest for wedding planning, but focuses more on the photography and your photographer choice with Pinterest.

Most everyone knows Pinterest can be a great tool for couples planning their big day. It can help you choose your color schemes, reception details, jewelry, and anything else wedding related. It can also help you narrow down the style and look you want from your wedding photography experience. We personally love Pinterest (you can check us out at here) and use it as a tool to showcase our work, so engaged couples can find us and provide them help with planning their weddings.

As professional wedding photographers, the work we do is art and unique to each of our couples. We don’t want to deliver copies of other people’s ideas or special moments. There is nothing interesting about that and we want to showcase each of our couples true to who they are. We personally don’t have many couples requesting that we recreate photos they find on Pinterest, but we know there are many couples who will send entire boards of photos they want their photographer to capture. We are also not saying you shouldn’t feel free to share your ideas, wants, or needs. Of course you should and are encouraged to, but here are a few reasons we feel you might want to avoid dropping boards of 100s of photos in your photographers lap.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer Matthew DruinAtlanta Wedding Photographer Matthew Druin


We have shot a lot of weddings over the years and with that comes a lot of experience. We know how to best serve our clients and tell their story through our photos.

If we start to focus on trying to get specific shots that you find on Pinterest during your wedding day, this can end up really limiting our own creativity. Part of what you are hiring a professional wedding photographer for is his or her creativity and perceptive of your day.

Another thing to keep in mind is the photos you find on Pinterest are someone else’s moments and day. Your wedding is not a book, movie, or a script. Your wedding is real life, natural, and happens spontaneously which is what makes weddings, and life in general, so magical. We feel it is better to be you and create your own personal memories.

Don’t feel that if it’s not on Pinterest then it’s not right. Be original. You don’t want to look back on your wedding photos only to realize they are cliche photos from days gone by.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers Matthew Druin & CoAtlanta Wedding Photographers Matthew Druin & Co


Although it might look simple, there are a lot of things that go into creating a great photograph. As professional photographers, we notice the locations, natural elements, lighting, time of day, color palettes, leading lines, the pose, interactions between couples, and everything else that goes into the technical and creative side of what we do. All of these things are what helps create the mood, emotion, and tell the story in a single photo.

Pinterest can often cause unrealistic expectations for what your wedding should look like and what your wedding photographer can do with your specific wedding. Of course we want you to have the amazing photographs you’ve dreamt about, but most importantly, they should be about you. Often what is being pinned on Pinterest is the best of the best from 100s of weddings from all over the world. Sending over a board of photos can often make your photographer feel discouraged and make them question what you are really hiring them for. Are you hiring them for their personal style and creative outlook, or just as someone to push a button?

Atlanta Wedding Photographers 51Atlanta Wedding Photographer Matthew Druin


Many of those amazing photos you think are captured at weddings may actually be mock or “styled shoot” weddings / portrait sessions. It’s super popular these days for all of the wedding magazines and blogs to showcase incredible wedding photography from “styled” weddings. These types of shoots don’t have time lines or real problems like issues with wedding dresses, late people, or wedding cakes falling. They also often have many, many hours of styling and 30 minute perfectly placed forks. Basically, it can make planning couples think anything is possible.

Styled shoots are perfectly planned and put together with just the right details (lots of details) with just the right looking amazing couples, perfect dream locations, perfect wedding attire, unlimited amounts of time, and total control of every aspect of the shoot. So…basically, it’s not real life. They do a hell of a good job selling and making the magazines and wedding blogs popular though.

Another aspect about weddings that makes them really exciting is the unpredictable nature of them. Often this can cause unexpected perfect moments that can never be recreated, such as the photos that wedding photographer Josh Newton captured during a forrest fire in Oregon. Unless you plan on starting your own forrest fire, these photos probably won’t happen for you.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer Matthew DruinCrowd cheering at Chattooga Belle Farm wedding


Give your wedding photographer total creative freedom to do what they do professionally. You hire them to capture your story as it unfolds naturally, use their creative outlook, and technical training to best tell your story in photographs. They are best able to do this with the proper amount of time required, complete trust from you, and the creative freedom to do so. I personally love when I am able to shock my couples with beautiful and amazing photos that are better than they could ever dream of.

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