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Atlanta Fashion Trends Find Your Unique Style ID

Atlanta fashion trends, Find Your Unique Style ID, Black Dress Magazine Cover Spring Issue A few weeks ago I met up with an awesome group of ladies to photograph them for an Atlanta fashion trends article, Style ID – Find Your Unique Style Profile for Black Dress Magazine. For this particular shoot, Elizabeth Cossick, the magazine’s editor, wanted a behind the scenes look to go with the styles. We decided to use an unfinished basement and include some props and the used photo equipment in the frames. Shooting in an unfinished basement offers a ton of options, but also some unique challenges due to the type of space it is. The fashion styles were based on a classic chic, bohemian, and couture/avant-garde look. One of my favorite creative groups of people to work with, Dyer & Posta Salon, provide hair and makeup for the ladies for the different looks.  

I always love working with non-models, everyday people who don’t model professionally, as they are very malleable and it often makes the shoots a lot more fun. Although professional models are nice as they typically know exactly what to do and can nail it quickly. Nonetheless, our amazing ladies, Sharon McGehee, Jolynn Dupree, and Heather Henson knocked it out of the park! Clothing, jewelry, and accessories were loaned to us by the amazing companies Ivy Lane Boutique, Fashion Cupcake, Love Street at Cedarcrest, and B. Watts & Co. We ended up shooting for about six to seven hours since there is so much that goes into this type of shoot other than just the photography. 

Here are some of the spreads and my favorite photos from the Spring issue of Black Dress Magazine on Atlanta fashion trends and finding your unique style ID. Girl leaning against chair wearing white shirt with fur and leather pants for Atlanta fashion trends  for Black Dress MagazineGirl sitting on vintage dresser with floppy hat and jeans for Atlanta fashion trendsAtlanta fashion trends, Find Your Unique Style ID, Black Dress Magazine first spread Spring Issue Sharon McGehee classic chic by Ivy Lane Boutique with hair and makeup from Dyer & PostaJolynn Dupree with bohemian style from Fashion Cupcake with hair and makeup from Dyer & PostaAtlanta fashion trends, Find Your Unique Style ID, Black Dress Magazine second spread Spring IssueHeather Henson wearing Sis Sis layered tank, Code of Love fur vest with hair and makeup from Dyer & PostaMy name is Matt Druin and I’m an Atlanta editorial fashion portrait photographer.

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