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Atlanta Fashion Designer Valencia White For Jezebel Magazine

Atlanta fashion designer, Valencia White, from Art Institute of Atlanta for Jezebel Magazine sitting in leather chair with red and yellow wall

Back in November, I had the opportunity to meet with up-and-coming Atlanta fashion designer, Valencia White, to photograph her for Jezebel Magazine. According to her mom, Valencia got her start when she was five, hand sewing and learning to use a sewing machine. Her grandmother taught her mom to sew, and Valencia’s mom taught her, so you can say it’s in her “jeans” (awesome pun, I know!).

Valencia attended The Art Institute of Atlanta majoring in fashion design and she recently won an award and a nice sum to help get her business started from the United States Humane Society from their Cool vs. Cruel Fur-Free Design Contest. The idea was to create a garment that was made from materials other than animal. She was inspired by a talk from a USHS representative that came to speak at her school about how many animals are becoming extinct from poaching. For example, it takes an average of 290 animals to make one…..just ONE fur coat! Crazy right? Yeah, I had no idea either. I also don’t where fur though.

Valencia’s fashion is inspired by androgynous characteristics and her main focus is on Men’s clothing.  My idea of fashion is black, gray, and white t-shirts and jeans. I own drawers full of them. Shoes, that’s a different story, but you can find Valencia under her fashion persona, Valencia Jean, taken after her grandmother.

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