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2013 Atlanta Flux Night | Art & Experimentation

Crowd of people walking down dark street at night at Atlanta Flux Night

As with every year, I attended Atlanta’s Flux Night 2013 held annually in Atlanta’s Castleberry Hill art district. This year marks the fourth year and I would say one of the better ones, especially compared to last year’s. Sadly Jessica was unable to attend, but I met up with our friend Holly to accompany me.

If you’ve never been to Flux Night it’s a pretty awesome experience. It features a night of parades, projections, dancing, performances, multimedia, music, etc from a variety of artists. You name it, it’s probably got it. It’s almost like a bizarre street fair of sorts. And….it’s totally FREE. Well except the $5-10 parking, but you could probably park free somewhere if you don’t mind walking a ways.People standing in front of white glowing window at night at Atlanta Flux Night

We showed up a little late to the party, so we missed a lot that happened earlier in the evening. There were some pretty cool things like a vanilla milkshake fountain, a horse-drawn piano, a number of performance artists, and one of my favorites, Micah and Whitney Stansell’s “An inversion (with sky and land). We spent a lot of time just walking around and pushing our way through crowds of people. There was also some good people watching. I got so caught up in different things that I forgot to take photos. Lol. Here are a few of my favorites.Purple and blue ocean of paper flying in the air at Atlanta Flux NightGirl standing in front of flying smoke ring at Atlanta Flux NightGuy and girl spraying smoke in room at Atlanta Flux NightKid standing in school detention art exhibit at Atlanta Flux Night People watch music DJ at Atlanta Flux NightGuy painting naked girl against brick wall at Atlanta Flux NightGuy in creepy white elephant costume walking down dark street at Atlanta Flux Night