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Girl Through Hole

As you may or may not know by now, I have a slight obsession with taking photos with my iPhone. Most often, it’s simply because it’s the only camera I have with me at the time. It seems like you always see the most interesting and inspiring things when you are the least prepared. I also find the iPhone to be an easy way to learn and practice photography techniques like color theory, composition, seeing light and shadows, and other important visuals. Strangely enough, some of my favorite photos are ones I’ve taken with my phone. There is a cool factor about the low quality and slightly uncontrollable results that comes along with capturing life with a phone.

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any iPhoneography photos, today I’m taking the opportunity to show a few of my personal favorites from the last couple of months. Enjoy! :)

Do you have a passion for capturing life through your cell phone too? Let’s see and hear about your photos & experiences!

Medium Format

Dog Running

Dog Face

Dog In Fridge



Dog Walk

Sunset Truck Stop



Louisville Slugger

Dog through Window

iPhone Pencil

Barn Sunset

My name is Matt Druin and I’m an Atlanta portrait photographer.

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  • Zachary LongApril 24, 2011 - 7:24 pm

    What apps are you using besides Instagram? I need to write a new post to follow up with the one I wrote in November

    I’m mainly on Instagram and Camera+ nowadays. I used to use Hipstamatic but it’s sooo slow compared to Instagram. I have 100 Cameras in 1 but the filters are only so-so, not really my style. The Korean “Pudding Camera” is free (search for it) and surprisingly good, just have to experiment in the menus to figure out what filter does what. Seriously just get Camera+ though, it’s amazing.ReplyCancel

    • Matthew DruinApril 24, 2011 - 7:29 pm

      I’m only using the iPhone camera, Instagram, Camera+, and Hipstamatic. I don’t use Hipstamatic as much either, but it has gotten a lot faster and allows you to choose the file size as well, so that helps with speed. They are much nicer file sizes for printing too. I’ll check into the “Pudding Camera though. ;)ReplyCancel