Our Headshot Photography Style + Approach

Our Business + Headshot Photography Style + Approach

Business is personal, and no one understands that more than we do. We are entrepreneurs who are very familiar with running a business and are actively involved in the local business community. Marketing today is overwhelming with so much being thrown at us constantly from every direction and most of it has little to known meaning to us since it does not have personality.

We approach headshots and business portraits the same way we approach our other types of portrait sessions. We want to showcase who you are and your personality in the most flattering way. We like to be involved in the process when planning headshots and business portraits with our clients, and often get involved in helping to develop their message. Why are you having headshots or business portraits made? What are you trying to say? What do you want people to know about you? What is most important to them? Once we discuss this, we will collaborate with you to choose the perfect location we’ll be photographing your portraits. This is typically a studio look and where people and your clients are used to seeing you.

The Voice Nick Hagelin, Atlanta pop singer, from Atlanta portrait photographer Matt Druin.

We understand that our business portrait and headshot photography style and approach is not the perfect fit for everyone. We want to ensure that we are a perfect match for your idea of your business portrait and headshot session, so please feel free to take time to view our portrait portfolio, headshot portfolio, and our blog to get a better visual idea of our style. Of course we encourage you to meet us and to see what our clients have to say about why us.

Atlanta Headshot Photographers Matt Druin Atlanta Headshot Photographers Matt DruinAtlanta Headshot Photographers Matt Druin

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