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Life isn’t static, it’s constantly moving and changing. Phases of you and your family’s life that seemed like will last forever (bottles, tantrums, 4th grade) will all come to an end with the blink of your eyes. We are Atlanta family photographers, who specialize in unique, raw, Unfiltered Day In The Life family documentaries.

Every family has a story worth telling and it’s not just the major milestones like marriage that deserve to be documented. Of course those moments are hugely important, but it’s the size of your child’s hand, the way they whistled with missing teeth, and the muddy soccer cleats staining your living room floor that you will forget. It’s those seeming “normal” everyday things; the mess, the chaos, the mundane, the laughter, the beautiful, and the thousands of other little everyday things in your life that shape who you are and make up your family’s story.

Kid jumping from chair onto beanbag Do you remember that time you woke up, got ready for the day with your favorite white shirt and khaki pants, came down the stairs to join your family for breakfast, and was blown away that everyone was wearing the exact same thing! Yeah…me neither. What I do remember is my son’s laugh, the way he likes to read the same book over and over and over again, his messy hair when he wakes up, the way he looks at me when dropping him off at daycare, and the hours we spent being up all night when he was sick.

When most people think of “family photography”, they quickly go to the idea of the whole family wearing matching outfits, with the sun setting softly behind them, and everyone stiffly posed looking at the camera. In reality, mom is stressed to the max trying to get everyone ready and together, dad would rather be playing golf, and the kids are bored running around everywhere and pouting. Luckily, Unfiltered Day In The Life family documentaries are the complete opposite of that!

Kid crying during breakfast in the morning for first day of school We spend 12-15 hours with your family starting before your kids wake up until after they go to bed documenting your everyday life as it happens in real time. From waking up with bed head, the mess of toothpaste on the counter while getting ready, running your errands, grocery shopping, going to school, playing outside, all the way to dinner, bath time, and reading before going to bed. We capture every moment the family experiences as if we are just another member of your family. Laughing, crying, throwing tantrums, the mess of bags and papers all over your kitchen table, paying the bills, relaxing, and even riding the dog around the house, are all a part of it.

We don’t want you to alter anything from your “normal” everyday life. There is no need to clean your house, plan anything special, tell you kids to smile, or do anything different than you do in your typical day to day. We give zero direction. Instead, we become a temporary member of your family and do every thing your family does.

We understand Unfiltered Day In The Life family documentaries are extremely intimate and that is exactly the point. You might feel a little uncomfortable at first, especially as we are capturing you with no makeup and crazy hair in the mornings. This is completely normal and we ensure you, you will love the outcome!

Mom trying to change son's diaper before getting dressed for his first day of school As a part of the experience, we like to set up a couple of hours for a meet and greet before the actual shoot day. Here we cover a lot of information, answer additional questions, and primarily just want to spend time getting to know everyone in the family, including your pets. We want to play with your kids, pets, and just hang out. This helps everyone get used to us, builds the relationship and trust, and helps everyone to just go about everyday life on the shoot day.

Since we are storytellers, we feel the best way to showcase photographs is with beautiful albums and amazing wall art pieces that can be experienced by everyone who visits your home and passed down through generations. Imagine having an album from each year of you and your family’s daily life for 20 years! Looking back through each album, you’ll remember when your son lost their first tooth, the old holy t-shirt your husband wore to bed every night, how small your newborn daughter’s feet were, and the way your dog used to always steal food off of the counter. With each album, you’ll see how much your family has grown until you look up with a tear in your eye as you watch your son pack for college.

Mom making dinner with son from Atlanta family portrait photographer Kid brushing teeth after bath from Atlanta family portrait photographer We want to ensure that we are a perfect match for you and your family, so please feel free to take time to view our family portfolio and blog to get a better idea of our documentary approach. Of course we encourage you to meet us and to see what our clients have to say about why us.

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