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Eco-Denizen in Buckhead, Atlanta for Jezebel Magazine

Back in July I shot this assignment for Jezebel Magazine. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Gene & Xiorelis Cox, the owners of Eco-Denizen, a new uber eco-friendly store in Buckhead. Aside from the actual shoot, they both spent a lot of time showing me the unique products they carried. From counter tops made from shells to laundry detergent, homemade Sprite, and other soda flavors. They really have a pretty amazing array of items to explore.

Editorial work is hit or miss when it comes to how much time I get for each assignment. Sometimes the person will give me all of the time in the world, other times, I get five minutes to show up, come up with an idea, setup, shoot, and roll out. Although Gene and Xiorelis wanted to give me as much time as possible, we had some trouble trying to get the actual shooting part done. They were very pressed for time being the only employees and we were shooting while the store was open. The day of the shoot  was slammed with customers grabbing up everything. I would stage everything and test lighting and when they got a few minutes I would get them into position and fire off a few shots before another bomb of customers would come in. I would then rinse and repeat until we had a nice selection of images.

Eco-Denizen for Jezebel Magazine in Buckhead downtown Atlanta.

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