Kim’s portrait session at an abandoned building here in Atlanta is one of my recent favorites and I’m really excited to see her featured on Evoking You. We went through a lot of work and even two days of shooting for her session, but it was all worth it. You can see her feature here […]

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  • Kelly Roberson - Wow! I really love your work. Would you consider coming out to Utah?ReplyCancel

  • Rich - Awesome work my man!ReplyCancel

In October I had the opportunity to photograph Jordan McAuley for Jezebel Magazine. Jordan is the founder of Contact Any Celebrity and celebrity/PR. His business helps people and businesses alike get in touch with celebrities. He is also the author of the book called Contact Any Celebrity. Aside from being very business savvy and knowing tons of great celebrities, he’s a […]

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  • Mike - I really dig your simplistic approach. If you don’t mind me asking, what was the lighting set up for this type of shot?ReplyCancel

    • Matthew Druin - Hey thanks Mike! The setup was pretty simple. I used 36″ grey seamless since I only had like a 10×10 space to work with. Then I used one strobe with a 30 degree grid for the background. The subject was lit with two strobes, one camera left a little in front of the subject as the main, and one camera right a little behind the subject for a hair light. Hope that helps and thanks again!ReplyCancel